Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Law of Color n' Morphology

Just finish my shopping online and i saw this post at fashion-2009.com, good knowledge that i would share to my lovely blog viewer.
The law of color
Dark skin : Try the lighter colours. White, yellow, green or pink goes with you wonderfully. Forget the brown and the look total black.
White Skin: on the contrary, you must avoid the white and yellow, not too attractive on a porcelain skin. The other colours you can feel good, all depends on your shades. Your color star, especially if you’re white or brown: red. It’s glamorous, trendy and chic.

Your morphology
If you have enough breasts: better to use neckline dresses. As for the sleeves, the must be short, even cupped at the shoulders, to release the arms. If you want to put braces, which are fine tuned since the bust.
If you have belly: Forget tissue as satin and silk, which highlight the curves. Best a dress or straight cut and empire keeps tight at the waist, it can mark the tires and belly. Feel free to cheat. Put a body under the clothing or a wide belt tied in front to conceal the roundness.
If you are straight from the waist: the straight line is ideal. Use original straps spaghetti or decorated with pearls to attract the gaze towards the bust. The empire court also rules is fine, but will have the dress to reach the ankle to look glamorous style.

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